Corporate & Commercial

Corporate & Commercial

Due to the nature of our work, we work for or with companies almost all of the time. The scope of our work in dealing with companies can vary significantly depending on the need of our clients. 

We advise companies on all elements of company law, including shareholders assembly and board procedures, director responsibilities and shareholder relations, corporate policies particularly in family oriented companies. 

More specifically, our services include structuring and forming new corporate structures, joint ventures, corporate restructurings, conducting due diligence and M&A transactions and advising on corporate governance. We also manage standard but necessary corporate routines such as calendarizing annual corporate compliance requirements, preparing annual meeting minutes and filings, and handling director and officer replacements.

We advise on the full range of commercial issues, across all sectors, on a multi-jurisdictional basis.

Our general commercial experience includes advising on all commercial contracts including contracts covering, sales, transportation, goods and services distribution, agency, software licensing, development, product, marketing, manufacturing, supply, maintenance and support, collaboration, technology transfer and joint venture agreements.
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