Project Support & Dispute Avoidance

Project Support and Dispute Avoidance

Realistic advice, based upon legal and commercial considerations provided at a very early stage to a client, is essential. 

We focus on identifying, avoiding, and resolving disputes and potential disputes before they reach critical stages. We provide these services as a means of proactive, preventative risk management — to save the time, money, and stress involved in trying to reactively manage disputes and avoid crises. We assist our clients’ to focus on revenue building and project completion rather than dispute resolution. 

Our clients benefit from our regular meetings with them throughout the course of a project to:
  • Identify potential issues, prolonged problems, and existing disputes
  • Take action to strategise and implement timely solutions to these issues and disputes
  • Achieve continuous compliance with contractual notice requirements
  • Avoid or reduce confrontational relationships with project participants
  •  Recommend methods of resolving disputes and breaking deadlocks
Our services include:
  • Advice on the submission of notices and record keeping;
  • guidance on the various heads of claim including the evaluation process; 
  • preliminary investigations into the merits of the case at the outset; 
  • advice on the best course of action for the earliest and most satisfactory resolution of the dispute;
  • advice on and assistance with the preparation and formulation of claims; 
  • consideration of the relevant documents and back up for the claim; 
  • negotiations regarding settlement and drafting of settlement agreements; 
  • cost-effective management of disputes; 
  • guidance on the content of claims where mediation, adjudication, arbitration or litigation may be required. 
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